Downloads by Zenith


Homebrewed Softwares:


    GPIB Communicator 1.91  (Jan 30, 2017)

    ScopeWFM 1.2  (Oct 9, 2006) 

    Set PS 1.51  (Oct 1, 2021)

    Set FG 1.31 (Oct 1, 2021)

    Set SI 5010 1.0  (Jan 22, 2016)

    Show DM 1.1  (Jan 26, 2015)

    TDS Performance Verification  (Dec 28, 2020)

    TDS Error Log Viewer 1.23  (Aug 27, 2017)

    Measurement Logging 2.1  (March 25, 2023)

    Tek Parts Manager 1.33  (May 24, 2023)

    2400DSO Quick Check 2.0  (March 29, 2013)

    Compare GPIB Command Files 1.0  (June 20, 2015)

    Check Terminations and Attenuators 1.4  (Nov 29, 2017)

    TDS Hard Copy 1.2 (Sep 16, 2023)


    Folder Copier 1.67  (July 24, 2021)

    File Finder 2.63  (Oct 11, 2021)

    Various Calculations 2.1  (Jan 25, 2021)


Obsolete Tek Softwares:

    XYZ's of Oscilloscopes,  Windows help file version of the Tek document with the same name.

    Docuwave 1.2, Windowsstyle DOS program that imports waveforms from numerous Tek scopes like 11k, 2200, 2400, TDS and more.

    Grabber II, DOS program that imports waveforms from 2201, 2211 & 2214.

    WaveStar Lite 1.0,  Windows program that imports waveforms from TDS 200-series.

    TEKCATS 11300, Adjustment software v2.19 (DOS). Unzip and run install.bat.

    TEKCATS DSA600, Adjustment software v1.2 (DOS). Unzip to the root directory of any drive. Rename the directory to TEKCATS.

    SD ID, Small DOS software to enter the serial number into an SD2x series sampling heads.

    11A52 HF Adjustments, Small DOS software to enter HF calibration constants into an 11A52.



    Troubleshooting your Oscilloscope

        As the title says this is a book on troubleshooting older oscilloscopes. I found it some time ago among my other manuals and scanned it.

        It was probably a handout from one of the many Tek Service training courses I have attended.

        This document is often found for sale on eBay by sellers who downloaded it for free, either from here or from some other free site.

        I can tell it's mine since it's Letter size and it was scanned in A4 size leaving a white band on the bottom as seen on the pictures.

        This is a rescan in the correct Letter format.


    Technician's Notebook

        Another handout from a training course. Kind of basic but maybe useful anyway.


    7104 Maintenance

      A Training Information Brochure which was sent to Field Offices to familiarize 7k technicians with new techniques used in the new 7104 scope.


    Troubleshooting tips on 2200-series power supply

    Troubleshooting tips on TDS300-series power supply

        Documents I wrote based on my own experience working on these scopes for many years.


    Selection Guides

    1969 Catalog Supplement introducing the 7000 series


    Parts Replacement kits, Mod kits, Data Sheets and other Documents

       Scans of various documents


Project stories:

    Three home made TM500 Plug-Ins

    Modification of an SI 5010

    Installing an LCD display in a TDS544A

    Building a Dual Fast Pulse Generator

    Modification of a DC5010 EXT Clock Input

    Replacing the V/Div Scale Factor lamps with LED's in a 465

    Building an RF Step Attenuator

    Recapping a 7603

    Building a simple Component Multi Tester

    Building a TM500 Fast Pulse Generator

    Building a TM500 Precision Frequency Standard

    Creating a 7k/11k plug-in storage cabinet

    TM500 plug-in in an 11k mainframe

    Building a TM500 RF Amplifier  

    Building a TM500 Network Analyzer

    Making a simple low current limiter

    Building a TM500 35 MHz-4.4 GHz RF Generator

    Building another TM500/TM5000 mainframe tester

    Installing an LCD display in a TDS784A

    Rebuilding the RF Step Attenuator

    Power Supply Test adapters/dummy loads for older TDS's

    Replacing the Display Module in an AFG5101 


   Convert a 067-0587-02 to 067-0587-10 for use in 11k
   Fix for a common problem on SG5030 levelling heads
   Fix for partial blue screen on TDS scopes with the later version of CRT driver board
   A comparison between a low cost Chineese 500 MHz probe and a Tek P6139A
   Surplus Instruments, Boards & Parts


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