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If you are not interested in Tektronix instrunents this is not for you.
TekWiki is a website where you can find descriptions, data, manuals, softwares and a lot more for almost any Tektronix instrument.
To find a specific instrument you have to manually enter it in the search box on the main page, hit Enter and wait for the page to load.
This little software skips the first step and takes you directly to the page of the selected instrument with less effort.


June 27, 2024 - New version 1.0.1


Changes from 1.0 to 1.0.1:


 Any leading <SPACE> character in the searchbox is now deleted.
 Button to Open the TekWiki main page added.
 Caption on the Open TekWiki button changed to Open TekWiki Search.

Version 1.0
  Initial version.

Here's a screen shot:

To use the program enter the instrument in the text box at the top and hit enter or click the Open TekWiki button and the web page
will open in your default browser.

If not already present each search will be saved in the history list so next time you can select your search from the list and open TekWiki
with only a double click. The list can contain up to 10 entries with the most recent on top. When the list is full the oldest entry is deleted
as the current is added on top.

There is only one optional function and it is Exit the program automatically when the browser is opened.

Download TekWiki Launcher here

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