TDS 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 and 800 Power Supply Test Adapters

These are some adapters I made to run the power supply on the bench outside the scope. When I troubleshoot switched supplies I start with using my 576 as the
power source. The advantage is that you can see what is going on and in case of a short the 576 will limit the input current and no fuse or other components will
be blown. According to my experience all the supplies of the old TDS's will start without load but not nessessarily with regulated outputs. Running the supply with
load will normally need more power than the 576 could handle so once the supply is up and running without load it must be connected to the mains to be checked
with load. Therefore all of the adapters described below can be used either without load or with about 10% load which should be enough to regulate the outputs.



TDS 200

TDS 300


TDS 400


The ON switch is actually an OFF switch, meaning that when the switch is closed the supply is shut down. This then off course means that the supply could
be operated without the red wire connected but then it couldn't be shut down.


TDS 500/600/700/800


Older and newer supplies differ a little on the connectors so different cables must used for the second connector.
The one in the middle is for the older supply and the one on the bottom is for the newer.


To disconnect the load the IDC connector in the center is removed from its header. The switch is to turn the supply on or off.


Schematics for all the above here.


Email me with comments. /Håkan


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