Set FG

This program controls the basic settings of several Tektronix function generators. This version supports FG5010, AFG5101, AFG5102 and PFG5105.

The program will automatically find any supported FG on the bus as long as its address is higher than 0. If more than one supported FG is connected the one with lowest address will be selected.


Nov 20, 2018  - New version 1.2


Changes from 1.1 to 1.2:



  Nonexisting PFG5101 was supported instead of PFG5105.

  Various buttons and menus not enabled or disabled as they should .

  Incorrect caption on query message box for sending settings to FG.

  Misspelled word on Spec Window.

  Incorrect specs for FG5010, e.g. full variable symmetry only up to 4 MHz.

  Incorrect specs for FG5101 & PFFG5105, e.g. they don't have variable symmetry.

  Text boxes accepted some invalid characters



  All references to FG on Utilities Menu changed to the current type.

  Second button on error message for Range made default instead of first button.

  Spec window changed from msgbox to form and caption changed from Limits to Specs.

  Changed Output ON/OFF indicator to be red when Output is OFF rather than invisible. 

  Better check routines for variable symmetry vs frequency on all supported FG's.

  A lot of code changed.



  Added indicators for setups not sent to the FG i.e. background colors.

  Toggling Output ON / OFF with <SPACE> now also works when a text box has focus.


Changes from 1.0 to 1.1:


Bug Fixes:

  Amplitude settings into High Impedance / 50 Ohm didn't work as expected on FG5010.



  Setting for Symmetry added.
  Several changes to Show Spec text.

  How Save and Recall controls were enabled and disabled changed

  Confirmation to Apply queries added to changes of  Load, Frequency prefix, Function and Recall Saved Settings.

  Recall Settings now recalls only settings and not the Tick boxes status. Save still saves everything.


Version 1.0

  Initial version.


Here's a screen shot



Refresh inputs the actual settings from the FG to the program and Apply does the opposite i.e. sets the FG to the settings of the program.

Hitting <ENTER> in any of the parameter boxes sends this particular setting only to the FG while Apply sends everything.


The output can be toggled by hitting the <SPACE> bar.


The Amplitude and Offset settings differ between generators i.e the readout of the FG5010 shows values into open circuit while the

others show it into 50 ohm. The program keeps track of that as well as checking that settings are within limits.


The four tick boxes default to ticked on the very first start. They are always saved on Exit even it "Save Setup on Exit" isn't ticked.


You must have a NI GPIB card with the proper drivers installed.  Find  and download National Instruments GPIB card drivers here.

It is expected to work on any PC/win OS (not 3.1) with a  correctly installed and working NI card.


Download Set FG here


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