1971 Dodge Challenger

A buddy of mine had been cheating a little with importing new and almost new cars from the US and had contacts with a GM dealer in Toledo, Ohio. In early spring of 1976 we were three guys going over to bring back a car each and since his contact was in Ohio it became natural to go there. The first few days we borrowed the dealer's, then brand new, Chevy Monte Carlo. One of the guys soon found a GMC Sprint (=Chevy ElCamino),  a -71 I believe it was, which we then used for transportaion as we drove around looking for cars. I was determined to get a Challenger or Cuda preferably a convertible. Convertibles in Ohio weren't as common as in California or Florida and the only one we found was a junky Cuda which I passed on. The other guy found a Chevy van and I picked a  -71 Challenger. It was only a 318 but it didn't cost very much and it was in fairly good shape. I got tired of it in just over a year. Much because I planned a new trip to the US with another friend and had thoughts of combining it with new car.


Outside Al Bauman Chevrolet in Fremont, Ohio, spring 1976.
Home at last, early summer 1976.


Cool owner with pearl which had just passed registration inspection.






Summer / fall 1976.

Winter 1976 / 77. Yes I used it all winter.

Had several ads in the papers and also a "For Sale" poster in the rear window but didn't get any replies. Had almost given up and started to change plans when a young guy saw it outside work and bought almost right away. I believe I got about 12000 sek plus a 1970 VW beetle worth 5000 sek.