1974 Plymouth Duster 360

In August 1977 a buddy and me went over to the US for about six weeks of vacation. I had been thinking of importing another car for a long time and after I finally managed to sell the Challenger I now had the money for it. We landed in LA where we rented a Dodge Aspen Coupe. We spent the first week cruising around in Southern California with the radio blasting of Country Music looking for a car for me. Since I was hooked on Mopar's I had already decided for either a Plymouth Duster,  Dodge Dart Sport, Plymouth Scamp or a Dodge Dart Swinger, off course with V8. So when we came across a Duster 360, and the price was right, it was an easy choice. On Aug 9, 1977 I became the owner and we then drove it across the US to Toledo, Ohio where the same guy who helped us, about 18 months earlier with the shipping of the Challenger, now again was a big help. On the way we visited, among a lot of other places, US Nationals Drag Racing in Indianapolis and aff course Nashville. It turned out to be a rare bird. The Duster 360 as model was manufactured only in 1974 and 1975, at a total of 3969/1421 cars. Even more rare, for this model, is probably the interior. It has bench front seat, gear selector on the column and a fold down rear seat with a hatch to the trunk. As a California car it also has A/C. Unfortunately I had neither garage or the economy to buy a second winter car so it had to run all year around which of course had some impact. After nine years I could finally let it rest over winter and after three more summers it had to be taken out of traffic.The above buddy let me park it in a small barn at his property and when he moved I had to move it to another storage where it stood two years before it could come home in 1996. I had now bought a house with large garage. That's where it is right now, partially taken apart, waiting for a major restoration. I really did think that it would happen soon but there are so many other things getting in the way ...



Movie clip from the move to Norrtälje



At the used car dealer W.F. McPheeters at 1450 Long Beach Boulevard, Long Beach, California, in August 1977.

At the customs in Gothenborg

Home at last.

Just passed registration inspections, however not with those wheels.


Gorgeous, ain't she. And with this engine it ran pretty good too but with a gas mileage maybe not so good. Around 13 mpg for normal driving without particulary heavy right foot.


Was hit by a clown who made a U-turn without looking. Fall -78.

Your's truly in the process of removing the engine (appr. 1998).

This is what it looks like today (2018).  Unfortunately, not much done yet, but at least it's indoors.

With time I had started to realize that there would probably not be anything done to as long as
it still was in my garage so it was better that someone else took over. After about six weeks on
a used car sales site I got an offer I could accept. So on Oct 24 2018 we rolled it out and
loaded it on a trailer. A little sad but good that it came to a good home as a father & son project.