Home made TM500 plug-ins


I don't have any pics from the actual building of these only the final results. All front panel lettering was designed with MS Word and printed on a Self-Adhesive film from

Letraset and applied to the aluminum panel. The trick is to make sure the connectors don't turn while being fastened otherwise the film will be wrinkled which could be

seen on the PS-plug.



Test fixture to check TM500 / TM5000 main frames.




This one was built into a TM500 blank plug-in kit. Only part of the original circuit board was used.  Schematic here.



Power Supply.




This is an original PS-501 circuit board built into a TM500 blank plug-in kit.



Electronic Load, 0 - 1A




This one was built into a Spectrum Analyzer Test Fixture case. The interface board could be reused and an aluminum sub frame was installed instead of the original

circuit board. A custom made circuit board was designed and installed as shown. For display I used a cheap Chinese digital voltmeter unit from eBay.

Schematics here.



Email me with comments. /Håkan


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