Building an RF Buffer Amplifier


When I connected the output of the GPS Frequency Standard through an RF splitter to both my 11301 and my DC5010 I noticed that the DC kicks out  a small

amount of its internal 10 MHz even when in External mode. So to get a clean signal to the scope I made this Buffer Amplifier.




The hardware came from various scrapped plug-ins. I made a sub frame to replace the original circuit board. This time I made it of 2mm plexiglass rather than

aluminum, mainly because I was out of aluminum sheet. The interface connector was cut off from a scrapped board. A front panel and a couple of circuit boards

were made .




On top the ±5V supply board and below the amplifier board which uses two OPA659 high frequency OP amps and gain set to x2 (x1 out into 50 ohm).

Schematics here and here.




The finished plug-in from the component side .......




.... from the reverse side ...




... and from the front. I didn't bother to use the latch / release knob assy since it's supposed to be sitting in the same mainframe all the time.




Finished with its GPS companion in a TM502A.



Email me with comments. /Håkan


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