This program imports waveforms from a selected number of old Tektronix DSO's. It presents the waveform on the PC screen and can print the graticule window or save the data into a csv-file to be imported into MS Excel. The current version supports 7D20, 223x and 24xx/A but hopefully, if inspiration persists and time allows, it will eventually also do scopes like TDS2x0, THS7x0/A

Connections between scope and PC are done via GPIB or RS232 (not yet) where applicable.

The program will automatically find any supported scope on the bus as long as its address is higher than 0. If more than one supported scope is connected the one with lowest address will be selected.


Future plans: Include more scopes and support for RS232 and possibly also supply an MS Excel Template with macros to create a waveform chart.


October 9, 2006  - New version 1.2.0


Changes from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0:


   Not all labels cleared when channel was changed 

   Incorrect Vertical Center value if > 5V

   7D20: Incorrect Vertical Center value for channels other than CH1 

              Incorrect Trig Position value for MEM3 and up 



   Support for more 22xx scopes 

   Support for 24xx/A scopes 

  Added one label for GND position

  Added dialogbox for Initialize Scope

  Save/Hold waveform before transfer

  More internal changes


Known issues: Printing doesn't work on all printers. Have no idea what the problem is, VB says it should work. On my HP LaserJet 4000 it works fine but not on a HP LaserJet 4M.


Changes from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0:

  Several internal changes invisible to the user but which will make it easier to add scopes.

  Minor changes in appearance i.e. some text.

  2230 and 2232 now supported via GPIB.

  Menu item "Utilities/Initialize Scope" added.


Version 1.0.0

  Initial version.


Here's a screen shot.



Operation is pretty much obvious so further explanation is not needed.


You must have a NI GPIB card with the proper drivers installed.  Find  and download National Instruments GPIB card drivers here.

It is expected to work on any PC/win OS (not 3.1) with a  correctly installed and working NI card.


Download ScopeWFM here. 


Email me with comments. /Håkan


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