Compare GPIB Commands Files

This program compares two files of GPIB commands and saves the differences in a third file.


June 20, 2015  - New version 1.0.0


Version 1.0

  Initial version.


Here's a screen shot.



If you want to set up an instrument via GPIB commands you may want to send only those relevant to the setting.

One way of doing it is to ask the instrument of all its settings (Tek GPIB command is usually SET?) when it has been initialized and save the reply in a file,

do the settings you want manually and then ask for settings again and save in another file. If the two files are compared and only the differences are extracted

and sent to the instrument after it has been initialized the setup will most likely be much faster than sending the complete setup file.

This is what this program does.


Init File is the file with the complete setup when initialized.

Ref File is the file with the complete setup after change.

New File contains the differences between the two files above.


Generating the setup files from the instrument can be easily done with my other program GPIB Communicator.

Sending the difference file to the instrument can also be done with the same program.


Older Tek instrument separate commands with a semi colon while newer instruments like TDS's use semi colon followed by a colon to separate commands

or command groups. A free text box is available in case another separator is preferred.


If  "Open New File when done" is ticked the new file will open with Notepad.

"Run GPIB Communicator" starts GPIB Communicator if it has been installed.


Download Compare GPIB Commands Files here


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