Recapping the P/S of 7603

What is the best way to replace the elyt caps in the power supply of a 76xx scope ? Modern caps with the same or better specs don't have the same footprint and

they are a lot smaller. Off course you can try to fit them into the existing holes of the board but it doesn't look very good and you must be aware of that in some cases the

negative pins of the old caps are used as links. I figured a better way would be to make a couple of small adapter boards.




The Rectifier board with all the old caps removed seen from the top ....




.... And from the rear.




The new caps from Mouser in front of the original ones.




The raw adapter boards. 7603 has six caps with five pins and one with four pins.




I used 5 mm long threaded brass spacers to fit into the original holes. The smaller ones are M2 and the larger one is M3. Both screws and spacers came cheap

from Ebay ( China).




The finished new caps on the adapter boards.






The caps with adapter boards installed.


Email me with comments. /Håkan


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