2006 Dodge Magnum R/T

Fall 2012 and for about a year I had been searching for a decent Magnum. Initially I couldn't decide which engine I wanted, the small V6 or the HEMI. I did not want the large V6 and not one with large wheels and low profile tires. Eventually I made up my mind to go for the V8. I checked several and drove a few but none felt OK until I found this one. A 2006 with about 42000 miles on the meter. Magnum was never imported by any Chrysler dealer to Sweden so all of those available here have been imported by private persons or by companies specializing in selling used US cars. This one was imported new by the person I bought it from and had only been on the road since 2008 and never driven during winter. The deal was closed on October 22.

Who says dreams can't come true. This is what I had here on this web site for some time during 2005-06 when I had seen this car for the first time.