1973 Dodge Dart Swinger

It was summer 2002 and I had been thinking about selling the Buick and get a more fun summer car. But then I'd also had to get a another for the winter. By the end of June I saw this ad in a Motor Magazine and thought that an old Dodge would be OK for the winter. When I first saw it I was amazed. With only minor exceptions completely original and with paint, vinyl roof and interior looking almost like new. I soon forgot about a winter car but I couldn't resist buying it anyway.




The latest pearl.

Everything original and with less than 38000 original miles on the meter.

Unfortunately only a "Cheap Charley" with 225 cui slant six but with automatic transmission. It does have power steering but that's about it. Four wheel drum brakes without power is really an experience.

Sadly enough I had to sell it to provide space for the Camaro and also to help financing it.

It went on June 8, 2006, hopefully to a new owner who will take good care of it.