1954 VW 1200

My first car.


Bought it in the summer of 1969 for 900 sek. Initially original except for the turn signals flashers on the pillars instead of the mechanical turn signal. It was later modified with a roof searchlight, rear lights from a Simca, electric tank meter, gas burning heater and a homebuilt radio made of a transistor radio mounted in a case from an old tube equipped car radio. A scrapped -61 was bought cheap as donor car when the transmission gave up and a front fender needed replacement after a small collision. On the whole the -61 was in worse shape than my old -54 so restoring that was not an option and further more it didn't come with an engine. The transmission from the -61 was installed and was more or less the only thing which didn't fit directly. I had to modify the forward mount. I also used two fenders, front turn signals, steering wheel with column and possibly also the front seats.


Seen from behind, modified with cool rear lights from a Simca.