HP Parts Manager

This is an MS Excel WorkBook which acts like an inventory list of HP/Agilent items. Several VB Macros can be initiated to aid in adding, editing or just finding parts.

With only minor exceptions the function is identical to the original, i.e. the Tek Parts Manager. The only major difference in apearance is that it has two fields for the P/N

rather than three. See the screen shots of Tek Parts Manager here.


Version 1.0

  Initial version.


Compared to the Tek version there are a lot of changes and bug fixes that would need to be done but as far as I know the interest for this version has been very limited

so I haven't bothered to implement them. I don't use this myself but should there be anyone out there using it drop me a line and I'll see what can be done about updates.


Download HP Parts Manager v1.0 here.


Email me with comments. /Håkan


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