1966 Simca 1500 Grand Luxe

This one I had almost forgotten about. I couldn't have had it very long. I'm not even sure when it was but I believe it must have been between the Dart and the Challenger, i.e. spring of 1976. An eager buyer of the Dart wanted it immediately so I needed some wheels until the Challenger was finished. Anyway, I bought it from a brother of a friend of mine and I remember the engine made a hell of a lot of noise due to no, or inadequate, lubrication to the rocker arms. There was a valve clearance of several mm. I found a rocker arms assembly on a junked car which I installed but it didn't take long until the familiar sound was back. I sold it or gave it away to another friend who managed to get it stolen. The thief knocked in the windshield (!) and the crashed the car after a few km's.





It's not the car on the pictures, but it was the same color and looked like the one on the lower picture.