1964 VW 1500S

My second car..


It was bought in 1970 or 1971 from an older friend. Can't remember what I paid for it, probably not over 1000 sek. It was already, after only 6 or 7 years taken out of traffic due to rust and engine problems. After fixing the engine I got it back on the streets again. At the moment I didn't care about the rust.


After close encounter with a Ford Transit Van.
After close encounter with a deer. I was doing about 55 mph in Huddinge, south of Stockholm.


Without garage one had to trust the weather gods.



An organ donor was purchased cheap. It had to give up one front fender, the hood, the sheet metal  front end and possibly one door and other sheet metal and parts.


Other parts which were replaced were:

All other fenders (from wrecking yard),

The sheet metal under the left rear window and part of the pillar after the van,

Complete thresholds with heater tubes.


The donor before and after the operation.



Sheet metal jobs done. With 5, 6 different colors I used it for over a year.



Painted in a pretty Fiat color and almost done (the chrome trims were missing), summer 1973.




The trim mounted. Round rear light from an Opel instead of the original red reflectors and Porsche wheels. Unfortunately it was soon sold cheap as I got hooked on American cars.