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The leftmost TM plugin contains the SG5030 levelling head and a manually operated (electrically activated) RF switch so either the SG5030 or the R&S SME03 can be selected as the system SG. All test gear signals are routed to the scope channels via two SI5020's. The SG and PG509 are connected through one AT5010 RF attenuator each. The insert loss from the SG's to the scope channels has been carefully measured with the CSA803A/SD-26 at every 50 MHz up to the capacity of the SG and compensated for in the software resulting in only a few tenth of a dB in flatness up to 500 MHz for the SG5030 and 1 GHz for the SME03. Assuming the attenuator's thru response is the same on all settings (which I have checked with a Network Analyzer) makes it simple to correct and only two SG amplitude settings needs to be used to cover most of a scope's standard input settings.