Warning about an unreliable Polish BMW parts supplier !!!


I don't like BMW a lot and normally I wouldn't touch one but I had to help an older relative to fix some electric problems on his 2005 BMW523i.
The problem was that the eyebrow lights on one side had stopped working. The eyebrow lights are the orange LED position lights which wrap
around the corners and continue above the headlights. One was partially dead and  there were no part numbers on the components so it couldn't
be fixed and had to be replaced. Since it is a part of the headlight assembly it couldn't be bought as a separate part either as an original part or from
a scrap yard other that with the headlight and then for big bucks. However on line we found this web site,
bmweyebrows.com, which sells them in
several different colors for not a very low price but decent. So I ordered a pair and paid about $57 and right away got an order
And then, nothing. No shipping info, no replies to several emails I sent and most important no delivery.

The payment was done to the Polish payservice PayU which will not issue a refund unless the seller has approved it. So this was a $57 total loss.


So for your own good, stay away from this seller !!

Update: Almost to the day two months after the order was done I got an email from the Polish payservice saying that the payment will be refunded
which also happened a few days later. And low and behold, the next day the items showed up in my mailbox, so thank you qb_solutions for the free
items, but it was a little too late. Further more, today March 13, more than four months after the order was done, I got an email from the supplier
saying that they had finshed processing my order.


Email me with comments  /Håkan


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